Event Charity Partnership

We are delighted to confirm that CCLASP will be our charity partner for our upcoming even The Legend - Pat Stanton with special guests.

CCLASP supports children and teenagers suffering from cancer or leukaemia in Scotland. They also help diagnosed families and bereaved families express and share with each other the feelings, anxieties, and horror of having a child with a life-threatening illness and provide practical and emotional support.

Their work is both uplifting and heat-breaking and we are proud to be supporting their cause; CCLASP banners and information will be set up in the venue on the evening of the event and we will be making a significant donation from the proceeds of the event.

The CCLASP centre is opposite the new Royal Infirmary and more information about the charity can be found here: https://www.cclasp.org.uk/

Tickets are still available for the event and can be purchased by clicking here: bit.ly/hibslegend

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